President's Invitation to Prospective Members

It is my pleasure to invite you to become a member of the Broken Bay Game Fishing Club. Established in 1961 we have developed a strong history and tradition as one of the States most competitive game fishing clubs with an enviable track record of success in major tournaments. 

As a Division of the Royal Motor Yacht Club Broken Bay we have outstanding dining, boating, social, modern marina and sporting facilities available for your enjoyment. I would recommend you visit the club’s website, to familiarise yourself with the Club’s facilities and activities.

Whilst we have a significant amount of fishing know how and talent within our membership, the Club’s continued success and future is very much dependent in ensuring that this knowledge and skills are passed on to new members. To assist the assimilation of new members into both the social and competitive club activities we hold our Club meetings at 7.30 pm on the first Wednesday evening of each month in the Club’s Horseshoe Cove Room. Game fishing has four angling categories, Male (over 16) Lady (over 16), Junior (under 16) and Small Fry (under 11) and all are welcome in our competitions and at our meetings. 

This meeting provides members with the opportunity to socialise and be updated on Club developments and activities. Many members meet for dinner around 6 pm in the Club’s bistro with family and friends prior to the meeting. Each meeting usually hosts a key guest speaker to discuss a varying range of topics relevant to boating, angling and game fishing competition. This program, over a period of time, provides an ongoing forum for existing and new members to enhance their knowledge, skills and competitive edge in successful game fishing. The meetings also provide you the opportunity to meet and socialise with other skippers and anglers. If you are seeking to join a crew, or have your own boat and would like to form a crew, simply contact our Angling Captain and he will be happy to assist you in joining a crew or finding a crew for your boat.

Within this website you will find details of our Fishing Calendar, Fishing Rules, the Club’s latest Year Book and monthly member’s magazine “Burley Slick” which will give you a good insight to the Club’s operations and activities. 


To become a member of the BBGFC, attend the next Club Meeting which is held the first Wednesday of the Month at 7.30pm in the Horseshoe Cove Room.

Please feel free to contact me or any member of our Committee if you have any questions or require any assistance in any way. 

Amelia Toohey
Phone: 0412 506 591