Junior News

The club currently has 15 eligible junior anglers registered and ready to go fishing, so make sure they get to see their fair share of strikes and don’t forget to send those photos in as everyone likes to see them selves on the site.

The Broken Bay club also recognises Small Fry as an angling category similar to the existing Junior angling category.

The rules under which small fry can fish with the club are the same as those for NSWGFA.

Click here for rules.

Don’t forget that Small Fry must be under that age off 11years when the capture is made and Juniors must be under the age of 16years when the capture is made. This means that an angler can change classes during a fishing season. That is to say that they can start as a Small Fry at the beginning of the season but fishing the remainder of the season as a Junior depending on when their birthday falls during the year.

If the angler starts a tournament as a small fry/junior and their birthday falls during the tournament (including Port Stephens) then they will complete the Tournament as a smallfry/junior. 

Get the kids involved!

Don't forget that our children are the next generation for our club and the sport, so take them fishing.