Dates for the 2017 Safety Audit Days

  • Saturday 26th August 2017
  • Saturday 2nd September 2017


Equipment Audit Forms
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Amendment 5 - Fire Extinguishers

YA issued an Amendment to Regulation 4.04 on 13 February, 2015 and updated it on May 27.  The effect of the amendment with the additional update is to require servicing for fire extinguishers older than 6 months to be serviced every 6 months as per the Australian Standard. 

A YNSW guidance note to clubs and auditors takes that update into account and is attached. The document focuses solely on Amendment 5 as it stands currently and does not include involving auditors in decisions on stowage or signage as this is ultimately the responsibility of the service agent with respect to the Australian Standard.  Onus and liability for servicing falls to the service agent.

Separately, YA Special Regulation 4.04.1 does require fire extinguishers to be ‘readily accessible in suitable and different parts of the boat’.  While it is the owner’s responsibility for selecting stowage positions and designing stowage charts, auditors may assist in providing feedback.

Importantly, fire extinguishers and fire blankets should not be stowed behind or under the stove, or in inaccessible positions. Choice of stowage positions should be based on access to the extinguisher and access to exits, while also minimising the chance of the position being compromised by sails and equipment stowed below.

Fire extinguisher stowage positions should be marked on the stowage chart and for ease of identification, a sticker/sign should also be placed in an easily visible position near the fire extinguisher stowage position, particularly for those stowed out of view.  It is recognised that it is not possible to place signage 2 metres above fire extinguishers as is the practice on land, so the choice of a visible position is recommended.