Wednesday 28th March 2018
  at 12pm in the Top Deck Room
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Sam’s skull was fractured in several places, and her brain was bleeding and badly bruised. Both lungs had ruptured and one had completely collapsed owing to her chest cavity filling with blood. There wasn’t an organ in her body that hadn’t been battered, and her spine was shattered at T6 and T7, just below her shoulder blades. The doctors told her she would never walk again. But as severe as her physical injuries were, the emotional damage was far worse. Sam felt she simply couldn’t go on. She didn’t want to live like this.

We did everything we could to try to make Sam’s life easier when she finally came home after seven months in hospital, but it was clear we were losing her. I don’t pretend we are the most religious family but, in addition to seeking the best medical advice we could, we prayed to anyone who would hear us, begging for help. And then one day our prayers were answered in the most unexpected way when a tiny, scruffy, injured magpie chick entered our lives.

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