With Special Guest Speaker Lisa Blair

Friday 29th June 2018

From 7.30pm

members $20 / non members $25 Kids (15 years and under free)

Enjoy a thrilling and entertaining hour as Lisa Blair shares her inspirational story of determination and survival.  Sailing her yacht Climate Action Now, Lisa was circumnavigating Antarctica solo, non-stop and unassisted with the goal of becoming the first woman and the fastest to do so.  On day 72 of her solo journey, in the world’s most dangerous ocean, it all changed as her mast came crashing down in the night after a piece of rigging failed.  Her focus went from setting a world record to simply surviving the night as she fought to save her boat in storm conditions.  Lisa was over 1000 nm from land and the nearest vessel was days away as she battled to keep afloat fighting into the night.  After four hours of freezing conditions Lisa was able to cut away the mast, ultimately saving her yacht and her life, before finally going below to self-treat for hypothermia.